Brooke Hodnefield and Maryann Grace aren’t related, but these new MLM staff members often call each other sisters.

Brooke is MLM’s new volunteer development coordinator, while Maryann serves as the organization’s new events manager. A big part of the story began over 10 years ago when they job-shared as Missional Life Director at Atonement Lutheran Church. They quickly recognized

a mutual commitment to the ministry that continues to this day.

At MLM, Brooke’s work is already seeing her expand relationships with volunteers and new groups who can help broaden services. 

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“Sisters” Serve in New Roles at MLM

As missions director at Atonement for six years, she’s experienced in similar efforts. “I love connecting with people to find ways to serve,” she said. “I get to do what I love to do.”Maryann first heard of MLM around 2003, and one of her goals is to develop that awareness in new generations of volunteers. “It’s important to bring in new people, new volunteers, while preserving and honoring those who have built MLM and continue to serve,” she explained.

Both appreciate not only what MLM does, but how it does it. “What really draws me to MLM is that they focus on breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering people to be self-sufficient,” Maryann said. “That’s why it appeals to me to work hard and communicate that.”

Both Brooke and Maryann have two children each. Maryann and her husband, Tre, have an eight-year-old son and a 20-month-old daughter. Brooke and her husband, Brad, reside in Olathe with two sons ages seven and five.

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