JUNE 2015

”MLM’s new Ambassador program is intended to be a small but powerful avenue of communication between MLM and the region’s Lutheran congregations.

How small? The program will consist of two retired pastors, Pastors Mike May and Charlie Maahs. But between them, the two bring decades of experience in the Missouri Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

The biggest reason for the initiative is the sheer size of Greater Kansas City. “There are about 40 Lutheran congregations in the metro area,” MLM Executive Director Jim Glynn explained. “This is an initiative to communicate with all of these churches, especially the pastors, on a peer-to-peer basis.

New Ambassadors Reaching Out to Lutheran Churches

Ambassador Outreach to Congregations

Pastor May noted that MLM’s success should be shared. “They have an important way to participate across cultural boundaries,” he said. “And you can be assured that their involvement will be valuable and effective. That’s what you worry about when you’re asked to be involved. You need someone to say, ‘Yes, this is good work, and your time will be used effectively.’”

Questions? Contact Scott Cooper at 816.931.0027 or ScottCooper@mlmkc.org.

We want to bring them up to date on what we’re doing and make clear the opportunities for engagement.” Pastors Maahs and May are naturals for the effort. Pastor Maahs is also a former ELCA bishop, as well as pastor who served at Atonement Lutheran Church and on the original MLM Board of Directors. Pastor May served his entire career at Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church and even interned with MLM founders in 1969 and 1970. Both see a need to better communicate the MLM story and what it means.

“We intend to meet with pastors and lay leaders,” Pastor Maahs said. “We want them to meet Jim Glynn and take them to a few places where MLM is conducting the actual ministry. Give them a chance to see what MLM is doing and get some feedback.” He said one pastor has already expressed interest in bringing her whole staff, especially the youth minister, because of the opportunities for youth projects.