Impact Missouri is a one-stop resource for homeless families with children within the Kansas City, MO Public Schools catchment area. 

2016 - 2017 School Year

  • 364 Families Reached
  • 85 Families Housed
  • 74 Families Employed



Impact Missouri is a coalition of trusted partner agencies that work together - simultaneously - to address a family's immediate needs while developing a plan for permanent and lasting solutions. MLM is proud to serve as the backbone organization for Impact Missouri.

​​Impact is a one-stop resource for homeless families with children in the Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools catchment area. Our focus is on the child. It is our desire to ensure the child attends school, advances to the next grade, graduates high school, pursues post-secondary education, and goes on to be a contributing member of society. The Impact model allows for a single day’s effort to be greatly multiplied through the collaboration of varied service providers providing targeted wrap-around care in a single space.

Impact Missouri provides a "one-stop shop" for families in need, through a coalition of member social service agencies, public and charter schools, and Head Start locations. Impact events are held monthly on the 2nd Tuesday, from 9:00-11:00 am, at the Linwood YMCA, 3800 Linwood Blvd., Kansas City, MO.

2015 - 2016 School Year

  • 207 Families Reached
  • 58 Families Housed
  • 46 Families Employed

For more information, call 816.931.0027.