Sandbagger 2022




​​Metro Lutheran Ministry would like to thank the Sandbagger Committee for choosing our Orchard and Garden as their charity of choice for their 6th Annual Sandbagger Event. 

About This Event

The 6th Annual Sandbagger is scheduled for September 17th 2022. All of the biking will be on the incredible gravel in and around Linn County, Kansas. The goal of the race is to have an enjoyable day with like-minded people who are interested in a borderline crazy but fun, hard workout followed by food, drink, meeting new people, and catching up with old friends.

The 6th Annual Sandbagger will include:

  • Sandbagger Triathlon – Plan for ~3 hours total (20min/130min/30min)
  • Gravel Bike Race (Pint) – Plan for ~4 hours or approximately 70 miles
  • Gravel Bike Race (Half Pint) – Plan for ~3 hours or approximately 50 miles

For more information or to sign up, click here!

For more information, call 816.285.3154.

​​​Access to fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables can be a challenge for some Kansas Citians.  To meet that need, MLM is the steward of an Urban Orchard consisting of 108 fruit trees, as well as 36 community garden beds.  Produce is distributed through the MLM food pantry as well as directly to neighboring community members.

For more information about the Orchard and Community Gardens, contact Michelle Salierno at 816.285.3154.

Providing fresh produce for an urban food desert neighborhood.