"People who have meaningful lives seem to have a commen thread."

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Director's Corner

As we progress through another political election season, I am reminded more than ever that the Kingdom of God is the only place that provides real hope for our future. The people MLM serves each day tend to understand this better than me. Invariably, as I visit with people who live in poverty, they don’t lack faith. They lack assets and resources. Their faith exceeds my own. Pain and fear are great motivators to seek God for consolation. Political solutions to earthly problems tend to leave the poor still poor.

As a young man, I spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer with Mayans in the highlands of Guatemala. They worked incredibly hard to survive and owned almost no material possessions. This would be called a depressing life by American standards. However, the indigenous Mayans were among the happiest and most content people I have ever known. Their secret appeared

to be strong faith in God and close bonds to family and community.

I see the same pattern in the people MLM serves in Kansas City. It is no fun to be poor and lack healthcare or a car. However, the poor who have strong faith and a supportive community also have hope and meaning in their daily lives. In paradox, people of wealth have lots of assets and resources, but sometimes have lives that lack meaning. Whether rich or poor, people who have meaningful lives seem to have a common thread—strong faith and community.

At MLM, we are privileged to serve people who often have painful stories associated with their circumstances of poverty. We also do everything we can to support their faith and create community.

Jim Glynn, Executive Director


Rich or Poor, Strong Faith is the Key