"MLM has moved from emergency assistance to helping people improve their lives ....."

Volunteer Service Leads to Long-Term Support

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Jim and Kaye Dalbec admit they are impressed by the range of MLM services for people in need.

“MLM has moved from emergency assistance to helping people improve their lives through better budgeting and life skills and with improved case management,” explained Jim Dalbec, a former MLM board member and, with his wife, frequent volunteer. “You’re hearing more and more success stories of people whose lives have been changed by that.”

Jim says the new emphasis doesn’t eliminate emergency services but instead stresses life skills that help bring long-term stability. “They’ve often never been in a position to look forward,” Jim noted. “They’re spending so much time wondering how they will feed their family that week, they can’t look ahead. Now we’re hearing of families saving emergency money, starting savings accounts.”

That change also helped convince the Dalbecs to become members of the MLM Heritage Society. The group is comprised of living stakeholders who have notified MLM that they have made a planned gift to MLM. The gifts take many forms, but they help provide MLM a critical continuity

of services, ensuring lasting support to help the homeless and needy of metropolitan Kansas City.

The Dalbecs saw that importance while Jim was a board member. “When I was first on the board, we heard about the struggles MLM had gone through,” he recalled. “I knew the (Heritage) funds were very important. It’s so important to have that longevity.”

Natives of North Dakota and lifelong Lutherans, the Dalbecs moved to Kansas City after he retired from a career with General Motors. Living in Overland Park, they met former board member Loyd Dykman through Atonement Lutheran Church, and he introduced them to MLM where they volunteered.

“It’s really eye opening to see what this organization does,” Jim concluded. “I think there are a lot of people who support MLM, and they hear stories, but until you serve on the board or get really involved, you may not get a full appreciation of what this organization does. The breadth of services is really impressive. There aren’t many organizations out there that have as many avenues for help that MLM does.”

Support through the Heritage Society takes many forms, but all provide a critical support for MLM services by ensuring lasting support for helping the homeless and needy of metropolitan Kansas City. For more information on the MLM Heritage Society, contact Jim Glynn at 816.285.3117.