Providing gifts and Christmas cheer to hundreds of Kansas City families each year.



The Christmas Store will start on December 5th, 2021 and at this time we are expecting to hold it in its traditional format at Immanuel Lutheran. 


Be a part of someone's Christmas miracle! Church groups, individuals, and businesses donate new items such as coats, toys, clothing and blankets all year long to stock the Christmas Store shelves.  Click here to visit our Amazon Wish List.

If you are not comfortable with shopping in-stores, click here to donate and MLM will do the shopping.

We have updated the types of gifts that we will be accepting at the Christmas Store.  Please see below for changes:

  • Adult Clothing: Unisex sweatpants and sweatshirts, multipack of socks, multipacks of underwear/panties,  and multipacks of undershirts. We will no longer be offering items like jeans, sweaters, shirts, etc. 
  • Children's Clothing: We have an over supply of baby clothing. The Christmas Store team is asking for children's clothing only in sizes 2T-14/16. This is the only change to Children's Clothing. 
  • Teen Gift Cards: Gift cards should be from Walmart or Target and for the amount of $25. 

Most Urgently Needed Items:

  • Unisex Adult Sweatpants and Sweatshirts (500)
  • Adult Multipack of: (500 of each item)
    • Socks, underwear/panties, and undershirts (all sizes)
  • Adult/Teen gifts (400 items)
    • ​​Men and Women
  • COATS! (new or gently used)
    • ​Men and Women (350 each)
    • Boys and Girls (350 each)
  • Blankets (100) 
    • King or Queen sizes only- no throws)
  • ​Small Kitchen Appliances (100)
  • Toys (200 boys toys and 100 girls toys)



Drop off Elves: Responsible for carrying and organizing all donations on drop off day. We have Sorting Elves and Santa Captains to make this process run smoothly. Click here to sign up!

Sorting ElvesResponsible for assisting captains set up and sort their area. Click here to sign up!

Shopping Elves: Responsible for assisting clients with shopping for their gifts. Click here to sign up!

Registration Table Manager: Responsible for managing the registration table and answering questions, comments, and concerns. Click here to sign up!​

Registration Table:​ Responsible for getting clients checked in for their shopping time. Click here to sign up!

Greeting Elves: Greet clients and direct them where to shop in the MLM Christmas Store. Click here to sign up!

Area ElvesHelp clients and shopping elves pick out items and restock areas. Click here to sign up!

Appliances: Help clients choose an appliance. Click here to sign up!

Blanket Elves: Hand out blankets to warm the Christmas Spirit of our Christmas Store clients. Click here to sign up!

Coat Elves: Help stock the winter coats and help clients choose a nice new coat. Click here to sign up!

Carrying ElvesCarrying Elves help assist our Christmas Store clients by carrying items and loading for our families. Click here to sign up!

Check Out Elves: Responsible for checking out the Christmas Store guests and handing out small items (cookies, tin, devotional, gift cards). Click here to sign up!

Inventory Elves: Responsible for keeping inventory of the goods. Click here to sign up!

​Open, Mid, Closing Elves: Responsible for opening, mid, or closing of the Christmas Store. Click here to sign up!

Christmas Store Snack Boxes​ Donate and assemble healthy snack boxes for our Christmas Store clients. Click here to sign up!