MLM support is both crucial and diverse


Want someone to present to your church group? Contact Suzanne Bartling, MLM Director of Outreach MInistry, at 816-931-0027 x240.

MLM’s new Outreach Ministry is working to strengthen MLM’s relationship with member congregations, while helping to increase the involvement those congregations have in MLM’s many programs.

Some of the first efforts have involved numerous visits with pastors, staff, individual congregation members, team leaders and others who are interested in MLM and becoming involved in its efforts.

Led by Director Suzanne Bartling, the program also makes presentations to Sunday school classes, confirmations, and individual outreach teams, youth groups and adult education classes.

“Any Christian-based small group should incorporate three main areas; prayer, study of the Word of God and service to our Lord by serving those in need,” Suzanne said. “We are trying to give them the opportunity for service.”

Suzanne is also Community Ministries Team Leader at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Overland Park. "What I tell people who ask about Community Ministries is that our “job” is to give the members of Holy Cross the opportunity to serve God by serving others in need,” she said, “Basically my position at MLM is the same thing, but I am working with many churches, not just one.”

What’s also the same are those who need help: the poor, homeless and elderly. “There is a lot to do,” she said. “The congregations are all saying they really want to serve, but they don’t always know what to do. I’m trying to be that link to raise awareness and make those connections.”

Suzanne has created a number of PowerPoint programs, brochures and other easy-to-share materials to help with the effort. One brochure even provides step-by-step instructions on each ministry opportunity.

For more information, contact Suzanne at (816) 931-0027.

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